Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cataract Surgery for the Elderly through a Clayton, NC Eye Care Center

Elderly North Carolina residents, including those from Clayton and the surrounding areas of Johnston County, may need some guidance on how to deal with cataracts. A report by Prevent Blindness America© indicated that the Tar Heel State had a cataract prevalence rate of 16.68%, with almost 736,000 out of the estimated 4.41-million-strong population over 40 years of age already diagnosed with the disorder. By contrast, the percentages in Florida and the Dakotas were slightly north of 19%. Add up the fact that slips-and-falls, even in a carefully-managed environment, carry their own healthcare risks, and you or your loved one may have a dangerous situation on your hands. If you or an elderly loved one who’s been plagued with cataracts for years needs help, an eye care center in Clayton, NC like Clarity Vision is ready with a solution.