Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Clayton, NC Eye Care Center: Choosing Eyeglasses Based on Face Shape

If you aren’t into wearing contact lenses, or you simply want spare eyewear for days when you don’t feel like putting on your contacts, wearing eyeglasses sure beats squinting at everything you’re trying to read. A simple appointment with an optometrist at the nearest Clarity Vision Clayton, NC eye care center and you’ll soon be set with a pair of glasses based on the results of your eye exam. One thing the exam can’t tell though is what kind of frame will suit the shape of your face. Even if you’ll choose among designer frames, you’re still going to need to know which one will look great on you. Long, Oval Faces There’s nothing wrong with having an oval-shaped face. In fact, it’s considered as the ideal shape due to its balanced proportions, but that doesn’t save you from picking the wrong kind of frame for your face. If you’re on the oval side, glasses with frames that are wider at the top will be the best choice.