Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor About Your Vision Care Needs

Eye health experts recommend that each person have their eyes examined once each year. A professional eye exam includes vision testing as well as screening tests for glaucoma, cataracts and other diseases of the eye. While you are at an eye care center in Clayton, NC, be sure to ask your care team about any questions that you have regarding the exam, your vision and your eye health. These questions can help you to protect your vision and to recognize the early symptoms of vision and eye disorders. What Eye Tests Do I Need? Eye care specialists offer visual acuity tests to people of all ages. Additional tests may be performed on your eyes based upon whether or not you wear glasses or contacts. You may receive more tests if you have risk factors for vision loss. These risk factors include having diabetes, being a smoker or having a parent or sibling with blindness, diabetes or eye cancer.