Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Going to an Eye Care Center for Proper Refractive Error Diagnosis

The human eye is a wonderful mechanism – allowing humans to utilize light in order to make sense of the world. Part of how the eyes work is the ability to focus light on the part called the retina. When light is not focused correctly, vision is compromised. People who have refractive errors may experience reduction in quality of life, especially in active communities like Clayton, NC. It’s important to get a proper diagnosis in an eye care center to find out the most appropriate corrective action to take. Signs of Refractive Error Blurred vision is the most common indication of refractive error, but other symptoms may be present, too. The National Eye Institute (NEI) lists haziness, double vision, eye strain, halos or glare around bright lights, and headaches as some of the other signs. Experiencing blurred vision along with any combination of these symptoms is a good reason to go to the eye doctor.

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